The Littlest Altar Boy, Orthodox Children’s Book

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After attending Church today in Chicago, this book came to mind. There was the cutest and smallest Altar Boy. Wanted to share this book with all of you.

It’s the littlest altar boy’s first day to serve, and he’s a little nervous. What if he trips on his robe? What if his candle catches somebody’s hair on fire? Young boys looking forward to serving as acolytes will identify with this boy’s anxieties and breathe easier when all goes well.

About the Author: Jenny Oehlman is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she received a bachelor’s in English literature. Jenny lives in Berkeley, but most frequently attends her home parish, Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church, in Roseville, CA. She currently works as a mental health counselor for elementary students, and hopes to spend the rest of her career working with children and writing more books. Jenny most enjoys being outdoors and laughing a lot, and believes that those with the happiest spirits are the young at heart.

Author: Jenny Oehlman

Illustrator: Grace Brooks

Hardcover: 32 pages

Dimensions: 8 X 10 inches

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in

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