Silk Roses Bouquet


 New with Original Box and Certificate Lowest Prices Guaranteed Call us direct 201-933-0979  Share the tradition of such a heritage and become the proud owner of a Florence sculpture, which will bring the pleasure of art to you and your friends for many years to come.  



    Armani created masterpieces ranging from traditional Capodimonte style to more daring, contemporary and sometimes whimsical sculptures. Always, Giuseppe infused his figurines with breathtaking realism and a spark of life, the detail on this piece is very stunning. Since his passing his beautiful work has continued to increase in value and will do so for years to come. All my like new pieces of art have always been displayed in tightly enclosed glass hutches handled only for light dusting and appreciation so you can rest assure that you are purchasing a like new piece of art for you or loved one.

    Call us direct for with any questions .. New with Original Box and Certificate





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