Olive Leaves Wedding Crowns, Stefana




Totally handmade Greek wedding stefana crowns made of 925 sterling silver designed by Emanuella.

✏A rich design of our collection, resembling a real branch of olive leaves! The ‘stefana’ are decorated with olive leaves, that give a bigger volume sense and a shiny feeling of liveliness.

🎁 For every pair of 925 sterling silver wedding ‘stefana’ you choose, we offer as a gift, 2 matching boutonnieres (lapel pins) which, according to tradition, the groom and best man wear at the ceremony.

⚖ Weight: 54g

Its design is a reference to the important role of olive through the centuries, for the culture of Mediterranean people and especially Greeks. The branch, the fruit and the olive oil, the ‘juice’ of the olive tree, are strong symbols and have a dominant position in various life, cultural and artistic activities of the Greek civilization.

✔ The ‘stefana’ are undergone a special procedure in order to maintain their shine and not tarnish as time passes. You can choose to tie them with a satin ribbon or organdy in white or ivory-colored tones and are placed in an elegant luxurious white box.

💒 At a Greek orthodox wedding, the ‘stefana’ are royal symbols, referring to the new kingdom that the couple inaugurates: Their home! So, the newly-weds are reigned gloriously and honored, in order to reign with mutual love and wisdom!

🛒 The price is for one pair.


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