My Big Fat Greek Cookbook with 65 Recipes

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My Big Fat Greek Cookbook with 65 Recipes


65 Deliciously Authentic Recipes Straight from Mama’s Kitchen My Big Fat Greek Cookbook is a comprehensive, contemporary overview of Greek food, recipes, and family culture as documented by the son of a Greek immigrant as his mother neared the end of her life.

This Greek eating tragedy has a beginning (appetizer), a middle (main course), and an end (dessert), Christos shared. As my Mama is in her final act, it’s fitting that a quarter of her recipes are desserts. Bon appetite!/ Kali Orexi! (Insert the sound of breaking plates here . . .

This is more than just a list of ingredients or series of steps, of course. It’s filled with simple recipes, gorgeous photographs, traditional meals, memories, and tidbits of information that draw family and friends to Greek tables time and again. It has everything from iconic egg-lemon sauce to rich soups, sweet pies, and more…


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