Food, Faith, and Fasting: A Sacred Journey to Better Health

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by Rita Madden

Orthodox Christians fast approximately half the days of the year. But in our food-obsessed society, how do we determine our approach to eating in general? Nutritional expert Rita Madden expands on her popular podcast to help us eat in a way that is healthful for both our bodies and our souls—in times of fasting, feasting, and the ordinary days in between.
Papberback Book 264 pages

About the Author:
Rita Madden, MPH, RDN, is the nutrition director for Mediterranean Wellness, a company that focuses on sensible weight loss/management and chronic disease prevention/management. She completed her graduate work in public-health nutrition at Loma Linda University. She has a podcast on the subject of food, health, and the Eastern Orthodox Faith on Ancient Faith Radio. She also conducts workshops on this subject matter around the country. To learn more about her workshops, please visit: . Rita is devoted to helping people form a healthy relationship with food.

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