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Greek weddings are among the most elaborate in the world, often utilizing a large number of customs and traditions during the ceremony. Tradition, in and of itself, is one of the core aspects of a Greek wedding. Marriage is also one of the seven sacraments of the Orthodox Church. Within wedding ceremonies, Greek wedding crowns, or Stefanas, are used to symbolize the beginning of a union, much in the same way that wedding rings are. To get a closer look at what a Stefana really is, the following will provide an in-depth look at Greek wedding crowns, their history and the importance that these crowns hold in a Greek wedding.

In essence, the Stefana is a wedding crown that is placed onto the heads of both the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. The crowning ceremony typically takes place directly after the betrothal, in which the rings are placed on the heads of the bride and groom. A crown is first placed onto the grooms head, after which a chant, or crown blessing, will be spoken by the priest a total of 3 times. This blessing goes like “The servant of God, (name of groom), is crowned unto the handmaiden of God, (name of bride), in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen.” Once this has been recited three times, a crown will be placed onto the head of the bride and the priest will recite a similar blessing a total of 3 times, with only the locations of handmaiden of God and servant of God switched around. Once both blessings are spoken, the crowns are removed from both the bride and groom. In modern times, these crowns are typically comprised of silver and gold. However, the materials used to make them have changed significantly over history, with the first crowns being made from olive branches and lemon blossoms.

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