Category: Christening Clothes, Supplies and Gifts

We are Greek Orthodox and Christenings are a true celebration for the child and their family.

We have Christening Bib, White Lace Booties along with Witness Pins.  The witness pins are called martyrika.  Each guest attending will get this to wear since they “witnessed” the child’s Christening.

Holy Baptism is the first sacrament performed because through it, the person being baptized is now part of God’s kingdom. When attending a Greek baptism, it is customary to give a gift. Although there are many acceptable gift giving options, money is one of the most common.

Silver Baby Cup.  This is a fairly traditional gift that is common particularly with Catholic Christenings. The silver cup is typically engraved with the baby’s full name and baptismal name (if they’re different) as well as his date of birth and the date of the Christening. You can also choose a special message, quote, or Bible verse in addition to the relative information.